Home-Based Learning (HBL) in the age of a global pandemic

Home-Based Learning has been a wild wild ride.

Schools are solidifying processes and systems of communication and online learning that serves the teachers AND the students. Protecting students and staff both physically and psychologically as everyone adapts to this new normal.

Teachers are grappling with planning and conducting engaging, instructive and effective online lessons. While dealing with the realities of working from home and adapt to their individual family's needs

Students are affected psychologically from the lack of social interaction and the increased stress that complete online learning entails. Many are left to their own devices and many are struggling to keep the momentum and the motivation.

There are no all-encompassing solutions I can think of to offer at this time. But I am heartened by the continuing resilience of both my colleagues and my students alike.

The Online Learning Ecosystem below is something I envisioned even before this HBL journey started. It is something that we are trying to implement and finesse at this time. Will it change? Will this look completely different at the end of 2020? Or will this be the model that works for us?

Only time can tell. Until then, let's continue to work hard and strive to be better everyday. One step at a time, we will make this happen.

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