Overwhelmed by the Active Learning Scaffold?

With the launch of the Student Learning Space (SLS) as a one-stop-shop for students and teachers to deepen learning, comes the SLS Pedagogical Scaffold. This scaffold puts on paper many questions and new phrases and diagrams.

Any teacher who has looked at this beautifully thought-out and laminated document goes:

It can be overwhelming and we worry about how it fits into our everyday teaching lives. Is this some extra paperwork that I will do and forget about?

Not at all!

Active learning is actually something many, many, many (most) teachers aim towards: Getting students to take on the responsibility of learning. Promoting thinking and discussion. Facilitating students' demonstration of learning. Monitoring and providing feedback.

Sound familiar?

To help ease this transition and to encourage the take-up of the SLS Pedagogical Scaffold, I have infograph-ied and tickbox-ed it to create documents that we all can use and apply in our everyday teaching.

This Checklist (PDF) serves as a quick glance guide for us when we are planning our everyday lessons in our heads. Have I done this? Have I thought about this? How about applying this concept? Have it on display at your table for easy reference and to assure yourself that you are on the right path.

Checklist for designing active learning
Download • 129KB

This Active Learning Lesson Plan Template is a more dynamic way to engage in the creation of active learning experiences. It guides teachers with questions and follows the all-too-familiar lesson planning framework. It covers preparation, enactment and assessment and feedback. We can use this to extend our own planning and create those exciting lessons we all live for.

Active learning lesson plan template
Download DOC • 22KB

Active learning and SLS are definitely here to stay. Hopefully, these little checklists can make our transition that little bit easier.

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